Welcome to the HP ProLiant Server Compatibility Guide!
This online tool is designed to help you quickly and easily locate options that work with your customers' servers.

Get started!

Search for your server.
You can search in two different ways -- browse by server families using the search boxes on the left to find the model you need, or search by the exact server model number using the search box on the right.

View your options.
Once you locate the server model you need, you will be shown all available hardware options for that specific model. The search results default to "Show All Results," but if you are interested only in a specific set of options, you can hide the others by clicking the light green tabs at the top of the page. Clicking on the tab again will make that set of options re-appear. Or click on the "Show All Results" tab to see the comprehensive list of all available options.

Sort your options.
You can sort each column ascending or descending by clicking on the gray titles at the top of each column. Click the column heading once to sort that category's options in ascending order, click it a second time to sort in descending order.

Make your selections.
Click the checkboxes next to the options you want to send to your customer. You will see that the option next to each checkbox you click automatically appears at the bottom of the page in the "My Selected Options" area. Unchecking a checked option will cause it to disappear. You can also use the "Select All" or "Clear All" buttons to quickly grab or clear all options in a category. When you're finished, scroll all the way down the page to view your selected options.

Send to your customer.
You have three easy ways to send out your selected options. You can highlight, copy, and paste your options under the "My Selected Options" heading into an e-mail message or a Microsoft Word document -- the chart will retain its formatting for comfortable viewing. Alternately, you can click on the "Email Results" button and complete the form that pops open with your email address, your customer's email address, and a personalized message if you choose. Click "Send Message," and your options and message will be emailed automatically for you. Finally, you can print out your options by clicking on the tool's "Print Results" button. A printer-friendly page will pop open, and you can use your browser's toolbar to print as usual.

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